federal.™ is a design, architecture and visual communication studio that started in 2013.

federal.™‘s aim is to spread a certain way of thinking design with agility and consciousness. We believe in sostenible and fair design.

federal.™ is different to other specialized studios because it does not focus only in the final result.
Beyond the principles of every project, our goal is to focus on the way we arrive to this final result, adding all our differences, characters, thoughs and how we understand design today. This is a raw daily challenge for a multidisciplinary design and strategist team, trying to inspire and show different ways to design, create and experiment. We strongly believe in the power of sharing knowledge.

federal.™ also promote young creative professionals by producing and distributing their works trying to find synergies and innovative links between designers, producers, industry, and the market. We try to generate, produce, sale, products to people in a conscious way: locally designed and built, fair to everyone involved in the process and designed for people.
Designed from people, built by people, for people.

join us and share your views.
we are federal.

  • Eric Dufourd

    Founder & Art Director

    (France, 1974) Studied in Ecole Boulle (Paris, France). He realized practices in Berthet & Pochy interior design studio in Paris from 1993 to 1994. He enters the Architrede studio in Paris in 1998, where he was in charge of the roll-out of stores for Carrefour, and Darjeeling. In 2002 he settles down in Barcelona (Spain) to enter AM Asociados to realize the new concept for Thomas Burberry. In 2005 he founds Dear Design together with Ignasi Llauradó, where he devellops concept for brands as Burberry, Nike, Munich, Misako, Lurdes Bergada & Syngman Cucala, Le Temps des Cerises; he also collaborates with the Institute of European Design (IED Barcelona) as a teacher. Actually he is the founder, designer and Art Director of Federal.™ To see Eric's work click here!

  • Fred Guillaud

    Architect & Photographer

    (France 1973), Architect and Photographer, studied in the ENSAG (Grenoble, France) and then in the UQAM (Montreal, Canada) from 1992 to 2000. In the Year 2000 he settles down in Barcelona and enters into the office WMA, Willy Müller Architects. He will become Associate Architect until 2010, when he opens his own structure, QUARCS, with Mario Perez and André Broessel. As a teacher he collaborates with the Catalan Institute of Advanced Architecture (IaaC) and becomes Associated Teacher in the National Superior School of Architecture of Grenoble (ENSAG) in 2008. He's part of Federal.™ as Architect Consultant.

  • Mario Perez Botero

    Architect & Project Manager

    (Bogota - Colombia 1975) Architect and project manager, studied between 1996 and 2002 at the UPC (Bogota, Colombia). Settled down in Barcelona in 2002 where he specialized himself by doing a Master in interior design and other in project management. In 2003 he collaborated with Lázaro Rosa-Violan in various design projects like restaurants and hotels. In 2006 he developed housing projects for IDD Taller de Arquitectura – Novaforma. From 2008 to 2010 he worked as project manager in WMA-Willy Müller Arquitectos. In 2010, he opened QUARCS with Fred Guillaud y André Broessel. He's Federal.™'s Architect and Project Manager consultant for Central & South America.

  • Sylvain Carlet

    Interior designer & designer

    (France 1974), Interior Designer.Studied at the ESAA Boulle (Paris, France) from 1993 to 1998. In the Year 1998 he settles down in Barcelona and enters into the Estudi Arola as interior design manager until 2008. Then he creates his own structure with Isern Serra in the 22@ district in Barcelona and now offers global design solutions (interior design, architecture, product designs, graphic designs and 3D). As a teacher he collaborates with the institute of European design in Barcelona (IED).

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